Display and Video Advertising

We provide advertisers with cost effective means to reach their audience at scale! We reach a highly targeted audience each month with engaging display and video advertising.

Advertisers can target within our audiences for highly responsive campaigns.


Database Management

We analyze the data we collect and use it to generate additional revenue. We use online and offline follow up communication to bring relevant offers and services to users.


Social Media Engagement

We use internal and external tools to analyze and build our social media presence. We offer cutting edge services to our clients to help them build their customer base, as well as utilize social media to generate new customers for ourselves.


Customer Acquisition

We use Cost per Thousand (CPM), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Cost per View (CPV), Cost per Lead (CPL) and Social Media advertising to generate new customers.

About Us

Total Sports Media is an interactive development company focused on creating customizable and engaging fantasy sports games with the intent to engage customers and increase venue revenue

Our proprietary game platform delivers white-label, turn-key, fantasy sports contests for companies looking to engage their audience through fantasy sports. Our mission is to create online fantasy sports games that are designed and developed to foster the competitive spirit, passion and creative energy of the fantasy sports gaming community.


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